Climate Justice Alliance Member Application Form

Welcome to the Climate Justice Alliance Membership application! Please fill out the below form to apply for membership. New membership applications will be reviewed and approved twice a year by the Membership Strategic Committee and the Steering Committee. Please note that during the application consideration process, CJA prioritizes bringing base-building frontline organizations into the alliance.

Please note that members of the Alliance do pay application dues. Dues are determined by the organization’s annual budget. Upon becoming a CJA member, you will be responsible for paying a one time $100 joining fee. You will be responsible for contributing dues according to the following table annually no later than September 1st of every year:
1. Less than $100k Contribute yearly dues of $250
2. $100k - $499k Contribute yearly dues of $250 - $500
3. $500k - $1M Contribute yearly dues of $500 - $750
4. $1 - $2,000,000 Contribute yearly dues of $750 - $1,000
5. $2,000,000+ Contribute yearly dues of $1,000 - $1,500

For more background information on the benefits and responsibilities of becoming a member of CJA, as well as overall Alliance structure and programming, visit the "Become a Member" page on our website:

Membership Application Form

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